KidKraft Train Table Reviews

KidKraft Train Table Reviews

The KidKraft train table is a very creative and educational gift to give to your kid, for any season or celebration.  This train table, unlike most others in the market, is not something that they can toss aside after a day or week of play because it has so many things to be discovered.  It is designed such that the games become more complicated and sophisticated as the child grows, it is possible to change the tracks and dexterity of the table to create happy memories, improve creativity and have fun.  The table is designed for use by kids aged between 3 and 8 years, it is made from durable and sturdy wood and measures 35 inches by 49 inches by 17 inches.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

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The KidKraft train table also has a reversible flip side and an inch and half lip to prevent the toys and pieces from falling off the table top.  It comes in two colors, honey and neutral, has T-molded edges to prevent chipping and curved edges for safety to the kids.

Features of the KidKraft train table

  • Special T-molded edges which are important in preventing chipping of the table edges.
  • Curved edges minimize injuries due to hitting sharp edges.
  • Sturdy and durable construction, easy to assemble design.
  • Silk-screened landscape play board with a reversible flip side.
  • 1.5 inch lip to prevent pieces from falling off the table.
  • Comes with 120 pieces rail and train accessories with pieces to turn the train table to a road adventure.

Reviews of the KidKraft train table on

KidKraft Train Table reviewThe average rating of the KidKraft train table on based on reviews by users who bought and left feedback for the product is 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.  More than half the users rated this product with 5 star rating for perfection in quality, durability and ease of use.

There were some few negative points noted by some users though; here are some of the most notable points:

The KidKraft train table does not come with a train.  Trains have to be purchased separately.

The table is quite heavy for such a small train table.

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The KidKraft train table had some positive reviews from users as well.  Here are the most noted points:

  • The table is very easy and fast to assemble.  Takes only a few minutes and the parts fit very well.
  • The design is very sturdy, the frame strong and the table is generally durable.
  • The tracks are compatible with other makes of trains such as Thomas trains.
  • The table is just the right height for the kids, not too high and not too low.
  • The finishing on the edges is very good, attractive and very safe.  The 1.5 inch lip is also a good feature to prevent pieces and trains falling off the table.
  • The table can grow with the child, so it does not become boring fast.
  • Click here to read more positive reviews.

The KidKraft train table would be a great investment gift to get for your child for any season or occasion.  Since the pros outweigh the cons, I can say that you will not regret buying this KidKraft Train Table.

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